How to handle sputum and mucus in small airway of patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia

Is not a feasible task suck the sputum out the deep end of the small airway during Mechanical Ventilation, conventional methods can only remove the mucus from the main air way, affecting the efficacy of mechanical ventilation.

In the meantime, sputum will further promote imbalance on mechanical ventilation as well as perfusions ratio in local tissue of the lung. Sputum deposition in bronchi and bronchioles will increase the risk of double infection or virus reproduction.

Hence, how to handle sputum and mucus airway of patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia. Firstly, the sputum needs to be taken out of the deep lung, secondly needs to be a safe and secure method. Consequently, using a remover sputum equipment will be the first answer to this question. However, must Cough Machines (MIE method) in the market doesn’t work in parallel with ventilators leading to a drop of PEEP on patient’s conditions. As well as Patients in the ICU are frequently unable to cooperate with these techniques.

That’s how Bionic Cough Simulator works better than any other similar method in the market. Works in parallel with ventilators maintaining PEEP and safely makes it easier to conduct suctioning by doctors and nurses. Handle sputum and mucus. Bionic Cough Simulator is the safest way to treat novel coronavirus pneumonia patients.

At the end on the intensive care unit, the inability to control secretions can lead to prolong mechanical and hospital stays. Therefore, in these critically ill patients, secretion clearance is an important part of disease management. However, invasive expectoration can cause damage and inflammation of the patient’s airways, so it is time to adopt new techniques. Hospitals and doctors need to use the latest equipment, which is not only useful for them, but also more useful for patients.