Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Post Covid-19 Patients

Bearing in mind the predictable high load of respiratory, physical impairment after the critical phase of Covid-19, a large number of patients should be under a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. As demostrate by the National Health Commission of China in over 80% Post Covid-19 Patients, alteration of lung tissue such as ground-glass opacities, bronchiectasis and a high possibility of lung damage can cause them to decrease their quality life.

Some patients with poor health condition or longer stay in the ICU, will be discharge for Inpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation, other with a better health condition might come back home. Nevertheless, patients who have successfully recovered from the critical phase of Covid-19, will require full support to combat the sequels of the disease, follow up treatment with general practitioners, physiotherapist and pulmonologist needs to be organized.

Based on Chineses clinical trial, front-line expertise consensus and references, pulmonologists specialists on Covid-19 patients, have developed a practical and feasible rehabilitation method. The short-term goal of pulmonary rehabilitation is to relieve the symptoms of dyspnea, relieve anxiety and depression whereas the long-term goal is to improve the ability to act and improve the patient’s quality life. A combination of rehabilitation activities for in an out-patient setting should consider physical, cognitive and psychosocial outcomes.

The big question is what kind of rehabilitation can be conducted for physical outcomes? Mirroring the algorithm of pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with chronic respiratory conditions, an evidence-based, is a highly accepted option.

Respiratory Neuromuscular Stimulator has proven to be one of the best rehabilitation’s programs for post-COVID-19 patients in China. According to pulmonologist if the patient has symptoms, such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and difficulty in expectoration after discharge from ICU. ResPower effectively reduce lung hyperinflation, increasing expiratory flow rate, tidal volume, helping patients to heal Covid 19 post-effect.

Covid-19 patients tend to need expectoration training, the electrostimulation therapy provide by Respiratory Neuromuscular Stimulator can promote regular contraction of respiratory muscles, enhance the function of airway cilia removal, smooth the discharge of sputum, maintain the smooth flow of the airway, and alleviate the respiratory obstruction of patients.

To sum up the incorporation of Pulmonary Rehabilitation into diseases management patients’ daily life can provide a better-quality life for Covid-19 patients and their families.