Yaguo’s Innovative medical devices help Wuhan Hospital’s to fight against COVID-19

Since the epidemic, Yaguo has donated more than 600 innovative respiratory products worth more than 10 million RMB to Wuhan, and donated it to Vulcan Hill Hospital, Raytheon Mountain Hospital, Tongji Hospital, Union Hospital, Central South Hospital, Tongren Hospital, and Puai Hospital As well as nearly 20 Xiangyang City Central Hospitals, Wuhan Shiyan City Taihe Hospital, Jingzhou City Central Hospital, Yichang City Central Hospital, Zhongxiang City People’s Hospital, Xiaogan City Central Hospital, Suizhou City Central Hospital and Enshi City Central Hospital. Since a first batch of donated materials was issued on February 18, many hospitals have received donated equipment and locate into clinical use. Recently, another batch of hospitals that received medical devices donations have sent letters of appreciation.

Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital received Yaguo donated products: 2 sets of Intelligent Bionic Cough Simulator, 2 sets Respiratory Neuromuscular Stimulator and 40 sets Cuff Pressure Gauge.

Patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia require careful treatment and care. The results of previous pathological analysis suggest that when someone is diagnosis with COVID-19, there is pulmonary edema and fibrous exudation in the lungs, indicating a large amount of mucus in the bronchoalveolar. Therefore, only by solving the problem of mucus secretion in the small airway, mechanical ventilation can be improved. This challenge to remove mucus may be one of the main reasons for the high mortality of patients with severe new corona pneumonia.

How did China gets to control with its coronavirus outbreak? “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program (Trial Version 7)” emphasizes the invasive mechanical’s ventilation treatment: according the condition of airway secretions, doctors select sputum suction, and bronchoscopy if necessary, to take corresponding treatment. However, these two methods still have many shortcomings:

  1. The suction catheter tube can only handle sputum from main airway, and  cannot reach deep lung;
  2. Invasive operation, it is easy to cause airway damage and doctor-patient infection;
  3. Affects the ventilator.

Bionic Cough Simulator developed by Yaguo is an innovative expectoration technology, which can achieve synchronous closed expectoration with invasive mechanical ventilation. It is a new technology that intelligent bionic expectoration is used to clear deep lung and airway secretion of patients with invasive mechanical ventilation. The system simulates the principle of physiological cough, connects with the ventilator air path and the patient through a set of specially designed pipeline, and can work in parallel with the ventilator in time: in the inspiratory phase, the ventilator supplies air to  the patient normally; in the expiratory phase, the intelligent bionic sputum drainage system takes the sputum out with high-speed air flow; and monitor-s the patient’s breathing state in real time through multiple sensors tonsure the sputum drainage and mechanical communication Gas synchronization, to achieve online, on-invasive, closed, synchronous, safe and efficient expectoration. 

There is no similar product that can achieve synchronous closed expectoration with invasive mechanical ventilation. This system fills the gap in this area. Bionic Cough Simulator has been used in many hospitals on the frontline of the epidemic situation with upright results.