Beijing TV has released “Innovation in Beijing Yaguo Special Report”


In the face of the outbreak of COVID-19, Beijing YAGUO Technology, a technology-based company established 6 years ago and which is also a member of the China-Africa Civil Chamber of Commerce, faced the epidemic proactively and did not become a bystander. In collaboration with Shanghai Tianyi Group, the two companies donated 8 million yuan of medical products to the first-line hospitals in Hubei. It embodies the spirit of responsibility of technology companies.

“At the moment of the epidemic, we will not be stopped by small forces. Science and technology companies serve the country. As an innovative medical device company in the respiratory therapy area, we are facing the epidemic situation by providing airway clearance devices”.

Chairman Li Qian 

The 500 respiratory therapy devices donated by our company belong to the urgently needed detailed treatment and intensive rehabilitation equipment of the epidemic situation. These innovative products independently developed by Yaguo, (Bionic Cough SimulatorRespiratory Neuromuscular Stimulator and Cuff Pressure Gauge) had been sent to a total of 13 tertiary hospitals in 9 cities. Our company’s airway clearance and management device have also obtained European CE certification. 

Since January 20th, YAGUO has started to arrange internal resumption of work, and contacted the local hospital in Hubei to understand product requirements. In two weeks, our productivity has exceeded expectations. The front-line employees work nearly 12 hours a day. To sum up, innovation in Beijing Yaguo Special Report ends stating “It can be seen that the products developed by YAGUO can help medical staff and patients”.