Intelligent Bionic Cough Simulator Batch has been sent to Slovenia UMC Ljubljana center

On March 26, 2020, several units of Bionic Cough Simulator BCS3 and dozens of consumables pipelines were purchased by Yaguo’s overseas customers and sent to Slovenia. Slovenian customers looked at Yaguo ’s innovative products during Dubai International Medical Equipment Exhibition at the end of January.  Since Slovenia is close to Italy, a series of intelligent bionic sputum drainage systems were ordered from the outbreak to be used in the country ’s largest UMC Ljubljana center.

With the development of the COVID-19, more and more overseas customers began to recognize Bionic Cough Simulator BCS3 for the treatment of sputum excretion in patients at ICU.

Before, Yaguo has donated several Intelligent Bionic Cough Simulator BCS3 to the first-line epidemic hospitals Leishenshan Hospitall, Wuhan Xiehe Hospital  Wuhan Tongji Hospital and other epidemic-affected hospitals. The use of Intelligent Bionic Cough Simulator BCS3 system suction has been recognized and praised by frontline clinical experts.

At present, Yaguo is fully expanding its production capacity, aiming to provide better sputum suction treatment for patients with new Corona Virus COVID-19, in the world and contributing Yaguo’s strength to the prevention and control of new corona outbreaks.