Fighting the epidemic together

Yaguo and the Shanghai Tianyi Group donated 8 million RMB worth of innovative respiratory equipment to help Hubei’s new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic”.

February 18th 2020- Beijing Yaguo Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yaguo”) and the Shanghai Tianyi Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd. (“Tianyi”) jointly donated medical equipment with a total value of 8 million yuan to the frontline of the Hubei epidemic. The donated medical equipment includes all products independently developed by Yaguo, including Bionic Cough Simulator, Respiratory Neuromuscular Stimulator, and a Cuff Pressure Gauge.

The products are donated directly to Wuhan city’s Xiehe Hospital, Tongji Hospital, Tongren Hospital, Pu’ai Hospital, Zhongnan Hospital as well as to hospitals around Wuhan city such as Xiangyang Central Hospital, Taihe Hospital of Shiyan City, Jingzhou Central Hospital, Yichang Central Hospital, Zhongxiang People’s Hospital, Xiaogan Central Hospital, Suizhou Central Hospital and Enshi Central Hospital. A total of 13 tertiary hospitals across 9 cities were supplied with 500 units of products in the first batch. In addition, medical equipment was donated to the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou where the team of top medical expert of Zhong Nanshan is located.
At  the moment, the epidemic situation of the new corona virus pneumonia has reached a critical stage of overcoming difficulties and shifting the focus of the front-line for the epidemic from isolation and prevention towards detailed treatment and rehabilitation。Yaguo’s medical devices contribute and support the fight against the epidemic.
The intelligent bionic expectoration system helps patients with invasive mechanical ventilation to clear airway secretions by simulating the normal physiological cough mechanism. By generating the human cough, the secretions from the deep lungs can be expectorated in a safe and efficient way.
The application of a closed sputum suction tube in parallel with the ventilator is much safer than manual sputum removal and reduces the risk of doctor-patient transmission significantly. In specific diseases such as the new corona virus pneumonia, deep sputum as a lower respiratory tract sample yields a better test sample than upper respiratory tract sampling such as a throat swab. Through the collection of deep sputum from the lower respiratory tract, the detection rate of the disease can be increased, and the alveolar lavage invasive operation reduced to some extent. (Click to learn more about the intelligent bionic expectoration system)
Respiratory dynamics (Respiratory neuromuscular stimulator) can effectively improve the pulmonary ventilation function and promote lung rehabilitation by stimulating the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. This helps patients with reduced respiratory function for a speedy recovery and reduces the weaning time from mechanical ventilation for patients with severe tracheal intubation. 
Yaguo has accomplished academic cooperation with more than 20 top hospitals in the respiratory field such as the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing Third Hospital, Beijing First Hospital, 
People’s University of Beijing Hospital, Guangzhou Medical First Hospital and China-Japan Friendship Hospital. Yaguo’s innovative medical devices have been applied clinically in more than 200 hospitals across the country and the company was recognized by many industry experts and front-line medical staff.
Since the outbreak of the corona virus, we have been closely monitoring the progress of the epidemic. On February 3rd 2020, we overcame the difficulties and resumed work. Thanks to the efforts of everyone working overtime, we completed the first batch of products for donation in two weeks. With the strong support of the investor Shanghai Tianyi Group, Yaguo and Tianyi jointly donated 8 million yuan of medical equipment to the front-line of the Hubei epidemic. Seeing the transportation of our donated medical equipment to Wuhan and our ability to help is the most satisfying day for Yaguo team in this month.
This donation is only a milestone in Yaguo’s fight against the epidemic. We will continue to work hard with our medical equipment. Yaguo’s assistance in this fight will not stop until the epidemic is over. We will also continue to provide technologically advanced, safe and efficient medical products and technical services for the fight against the epidemic with innovative technologies and caring hearts of our team. The protection of the medical staff at the front-line and to fight together the epidemic is our goal.